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The differences between Kupo planetary running and others' umbrella running
The planetary running (Kupo uses)
The umbrella running (other coaters)
The planetary running
The umbrella running
(1) The uniform optical characteristics
(2) The strong coating adhesion, no flaking off
(3) No stains on the coating surface
(4) Without the pinholes & bubbles
(5) Less capacity in one coating batch
(1) The uneven optical characteristics
(2) The inconsistent layer distribution and bad adhesion
(3) Has the risk of peeling off in coating layer
(4) Get the stains , bubbles, pinholes easily
(5) More capacity in one coating batch
The differences between the dichroic glass filters and gel filters
Dichroic glass filter
Gel filter
Optics Transmits the wanted wavelengths and reflects the unnecessary light. Absorbs the unwanted light easily and results in a deteriorated performance
Transmittance Higher rate of light transmission, over 90% Less than 60%
Heat resistance Good heat resistance to 450 DEG C in coating layer Will result in the problems of melt, shrink, and color fading easily
Maintenance More durable. Low maintenance and Long-term use
Need to replace frequently
Color saturation High saturation and brightness Less brightness and no good performance

To get the best performance, we advise you to install the coated side of the filter toward the light source. View the edge of the filter to determine which side of the glass is coated. The filter must be installed at a 90 degree angel to the light path to avoid color shift caused by improper installation. It is not advisable to install the dichroic filter to the fixture at an angle skew great than 40 degrees, as color performance will decrease significantly


Coated Side

Un-coated Side



Thin-film optical coating xUV-IR Filter