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Inspect the glass surface
Cutting the glass material / incoming material inspection (customer provides the material)
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Inspect the surface of coating product (particle, stain, scratch, bubble…etc.)
Specification measurement of coating product (AOI=0°)
Type : Shimadzu UV-3101PC
Coating execution
The re-cleaning of finished product (clean again, depends on the products)

KUPO’s coating process takes plae in a Class 1,000 clean room. In the clean room, there can be no more than 1000 particles exceeding 0.5μ/cft. Operators working the clean room are required to wear bunny suits lest particles interfere with the coating quality.

KUPO only uses glass materials which are produced within 3 months to maintain high quality and durability. The glass substrate is cleaned through with an exact ultrasonic cleaning process to eliminate fingerprints, particles, and stains, which would influence the coating quality.

All of our thin-films are produced by thermal evaporation technology in a high vacuum deposition chamber. The dielectric minerals (TiO2 and SiO2) are evaporated by electron guns and deposited onto a glass substrate to create a thin-film coating. The electronic system precisely controls the shield and deflectors to ensure the vapor is evenly distributed across the glass, layer by layer.

The planetary rotation of the coating chamber allows the coating to adhere onto the glass substrate evenly and increase the density of the layers. Ion Assistant Deposition (IAD) aids with the adhesion to prevent the thin-film from flaking off. This makes a denser coating with better durability and decreases pinholes and imperfections. The stable facilities enable the high throughput manufacture of filters within ±1.5% at T50%.

Each procedure is in compliance with the ISO 9001 to guarantee quality uniformity. All products are approved by SGS and RoHS regulations. KUPO is backed with confidence in its ability to provide the exceptional quality products for you.

Please feel welcome to click through the following website for the process introductions of KUPO’s optical filters on Youtube.