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Pattern Glass Windows

Pattern glass is widely used for architectural purposes in commercial buildings or residential settings to separate space while sharing light. On lighting applications, pattern glass is also an essential element to design and create special lighting effects.
FF-1F (Frosted Glass) FF-3L (Linear Spread Glass) FF-4N (Narrow Block Glass)
Pattern Glass Windows-1 Pattern Glass Windows-2 Pattern Glass Windows-3
FF-5C (Crystal Glass) Glass MaterialĄG
Tempered Glass / Non-tempered Glass

Available ThicknessĄG
FF-1FĄG1.10mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm
FF-3LĄG4mm, 5mm
FF-4NĄG3mm, 5mm
FF-5CĄG3mm, 4mm

Custom Design Available Upon Request

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Pattern Glass Windows-4