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From the working environment to the detailed manufacturing process to the completed product, KUPO is meticulously careful of each detail that influences the quality of our products. Our research and development sector is constantly studying and developing.

All of KUPO’s technicians are proficient in operating coating equipment and appliances for precise quality control. Our equipment is inspected weekly and maintained monthly to ensure the very best accuracy.

กท Clean Room
Clean Room
Clean Room
กท Vacuum Coating Machinery  
Vacuum Coating Machinery
Vacuum Coating Machinery
กด Type : Vertical cylinder type
กด Horizontal rotating trays with planetary running
กด The biggest dimension :
กด Dia. 450 x 425mm
กด The optical tolerance :
กด Within ±1.50% (T50%)
Ion Assistant Deposition (IAD)
กด Clean the glass substrate and assist coating.
กด Enhance the adhesion density of film
กด Avoid the thin-film peeling off
กท Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

กด Clean the glass substrate before coating.
กด Warm pure water (18ΩM) + Heat Wind drying devices

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
(Manual : Dia. 450mm)
(Automatic : Dia. 150mm)
กท Inspection: Spectrometer  
Inspection : Spectrometer
Inspection : Spectrometer
Type : Shimadzu UV-3101PC
Measurement range : form 190nm to 3200nm
The biggest measurement area : Dia. 200mm
The smallest measurement area : Dia. 2.50mm
Type : Ocean Optical Spectrometer
show the specification within 1 second

กท Cutting machinery
Cutting machinery
Cutting machinery
Straight Scriber
Cutting accuracy within ±0.2mm
Diversified scriber
Cutting accuracy within ± 0.2mm
  Thin-film optical coating ขxUV-IR Filters